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Coaching with Me

I help teens build self-confidence, develop social skills, and achieve their goals so they can stop feeling like the sidekick and start being the hero in their own story.

Great for teens and young adults who want to:

✅ act more like themselves around others

✅ feel motivated

✅ stop procrastinating

✅ be more confident in dating

✅ improve relationships

✅ reach their goals

✅ be less stressed and have more fun!

What My Clients are Saying

Client Testimonials
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I help high school and college students stop letting stress, procrastination and self-doubt suck all the fun out of living life

"What is Life Coaching?"

A Video for Parent and Teen

My Coaching Package

I do 1:1 coaching with teens/young adults 14 and over. I occasionally take the really mature and incredibly motivated 13-year-old.

I only do virtual coaching, which will be held over Zoom. I do not do in person coaching. If you want me to speak at an event, see my speaking page for more info.

Here are the deets on my current coaching package:

  • 8 sessions over 8 weeks (that's one a week for the math impaired)

  • Each session is 45 minutes long

  • Price: $1,800

To grab one of my open coaching slots, schedule a consult by clicking the button below. A parent must be on the consult call with teens under 18 years of age.

NOTE: I only coach people who want to be coached. Do not book a consult with me if your teen or young adult is not on board for coaching.

I can coach teens and young adults on the following topics:

Building self-confidence

Developing social skills

Stopping procrastinating

Lessening negative self-talk

Managing emotions

Time management

Uncomplicating dating

Getting over a breakup

Becoming Bullyproof

Overcoming pornography

Struggles with faith

Social anxiety

Planning their future

Making decisions

Creating motivation

Succeeding with ADD/ADHD

I do not coach teens and young adults on:

Chronic anxiety

Severe depression

Eating disorders


If they are currently seeing a therapist for any of these issues, then I can coach them on any topic from the previous list.

Want a more casual and affordable option?

Drop-In Coaching Social Share.png

Check out my Drop-In Coaching format! It's private coaching at a group coaching price.

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