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Teen Life Coach Joey Mascio Think like a hero.HEIC

Training Teens to be Heroes

My philosophy is simple:

We were born to be the hero of our lives, but sometimes we feel like the sidekick.

Heroes rise up and change their story, no matter the circumstances.

Sidekicks don't.

Sidekicks need to be saved from their circumstances. Heroes save themselves.

When I speak to a group of teens, I focus on giving them practical tools they can use to take control of their destiny in the following areas:

  • self-confidence

  • emotions

  • social skills

  • goals

When a teen thrives in these areas, the rest of their life becomes easier.



The principles I teach are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), my experience counseling teens in a middle school discipline office for 4 years, my certification through the Life Coach School, and my masters in Education from University of California, Riverside.

Concepts I teach include:

  • Thought awareness and removal

  • Creating replacement thoughts

  • Processing & allowing emotions

  • Self-motivation

  • Habit protocols

  • Future thinking

  • Conversation skills

  • Doing hard things

  • Mending & strengthening relationships

  • Setting and achieving goals

The main tool I teach teens is the Model. Based in CBT, the Model was developed by Master Coach Brooke Castillo and is a system for becoming aware of our thoughts and what results they are creating in our lives.

The Model.png

I use humor, stories, and interactive play to help teens learn how to recognize the unhelpful (and usually untrue) thoughts that are holding them back from becoming who they were meant to be... a hero.

Click here to see examples of slides I used at a school.

Teen Feedback

"It was fun and It teaches us a lot about how to control our emotions and be ok with things rather than getting angry. Instead of just lecturing us they teach us by playing a game."

Shaira, 8th Grade

"Sidekick thoughts will try to push you away while the hero thoughts bring you toward the finish!"

Michael, 7th Grade

"I learned how to be confident and not really let my emotions control my life."

Ailyn, 8th Grade

"If you think low of yourself and think you can't do it the programs right for you."

Victor, 8th Grade

"The most helpful thing I learned was how to be able to push myself to do my work more"

Jimena, 8th Grade

Girls Camp Springville Stake 3.HEIC

Adult Feedback

"Joey Mascio was our guest speaker for 200 young women and their leaders at a week-long camp. Not only was he funny, entertaining, and captivating, he was able to help our girls understand the idea of “being your own super hero” and somehow presented it in a way that most participants felt like the message was made specifically for them. For days after, I kept hearing from girls and leaders alike how much they loved that event and constantly applied the concept into their lives the rest of the week."

- Kimberly Yost

Girls Camp Director

A counselor at a middle school who got the week of workshops with virtual follow ups throughout the year.




I typically waive my speaking fee for religious or non-profit events. This includes weekly church activities, homeschool co-ops, youth conferences, firesides, bar mitzfahs–anything!

If it's in a 50 mile radius from where I live (Provo, Utah), I'll drive there. If it's further or out of state, you cover the cost of getting me there and I'll cover the powerful, inspirational presentation on mental health that will inspire your youth.

Email and let me know the place and time to see if it fits in my schedule.


I also have speaking packages for schools!

I can speak for an hour, all day, or all week. I can do whole school assemblies or small class workshops. I also have a year-long plan that provides ongoing virtual support for students who need it.


Packages start at $500 (plus travel) for a 1 hour assembly. Schools also get a special discount on my mental resilience curriculum program, Sidekick to Hero.


Email me and tell me more about what you're looking for!

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