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A short, high-energy video to motivate teens to get off their screens and into the real world

Hello Homeschool Parent!

If you are here, it's because you are interested in inspiring your teen to be on their devices less and in the real world more.

I share the same goal!

I've been working with teens for over ten years as an award-winning teacher, certified coach, and public speaker, helping them build confidence, improve social skills, and achieve their goals.

And if there is one thing I've learned it's that the majority of the problems teens face today–feeling down, disconnected, and distracted–are caused by teens lacking three things...

Meaningful Work

Personal Connections

An Empowering Attitude 

Why do they lack these things?

Because they spend all their time living someone else's life!

They spend hours idolizing some useless YouTube star or TikTok celebrity.

They spend weekends binging shows where they watch fictional characters overcome their obstacles, but their own obstacles remain unsurmounted.

Or they develop callouses on their thumbs playing video games, taking their character to level 100 while their own life remains at level 3.5.

Your teen is capable of so much more!

If only you could give them a kick-in-the-pants to get them moving.

This challenge is that kick-in-the-pants.

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Check out what a REAL TEEN really said to their parent about watching this challenge...

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How This Challenge Works


You are your teen's primary coach. Watch the video ahead of time if you want to get prepared. Then, set aside time to sit down and watch it together.

7 Days to Watch It

The video is less than 15 minutes long. You have 7 days to finish the challenge once you submit the form on this page. Make sure your teen's schedule has an opening and get to it!

Your Teen can Earn $25 Amazon Gift Card

You heard me. Nothing motivates teena like cold hard cash. Well, in this case, it'll be a $25 Amazon Gift Card. See details below...

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Your Teen Can Earn a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Like most homeschool parents, you are looking for social-emotional curriculum for your teen that isn't, well, geared toward 5-year-olds.


You really want your teen to learn powerful mental resilience strategies to increase their confidence and productivity. You know that's an important part of their education.

But there just aren't any good options out there.

Even if you did find something great, your teen is just not motivated.

They'd love to change their life for the better, but it's hard to give them the initial push.

Especially when they think whatever you want them to do is going to be booooooring!

However, I have a fun, engaging program that teaches teens how to improve their thoughts, manage their emotions, create better relationships, and achieve their goals.

It's called Sidekick to Hero (available only on desktop at

Teens love it. Parents love it. More parents would love for their teen to try it.

So I came up with a clever plan to help parents out.

I created this short, high-energy challenge for teens to watch. Most find it helpful and fun.

At the end of the video, I tell your teen that they can earn a $25 Amazon Gift card if they want to go on to the next step.

The next step is trying out Sidekick to Hero.

If they are on board, then sign up for an annual subscription within 7 days of signing up for the challenge.

If your teen signs in to the app, creates their avatar, and watches ONE THING within 24 hours, they'll earn the gift card (you are the accountability partner on this).

There is a 14 day free trial, so if they never try it out, you can just cancel. At least you tried!

But, if they do try it out, they will love it, and you just signed your teen up for a powerful tool that will help them improve their life and that you know they will actually use!

Once your free trial is over, I give you a $25 "cash back" by sending you an Amazon Gift Card for you to pass along to them.

Everybody wins!!

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I am a Tool

Yes, I know how that sounds, but I'm going to stand by it.

I am a homeschool parent's best tool to help their teen learn the mental resilience skills they need to thrive in life.

My methods are proven and my training is solid. I have a masters in education, two certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based coaching, and over 10 years working with teens.

Add to that my experience in comedy, creative writing, and performance, and I'm like a Bill Nye the Science Guy, but for mental resilience.

As you, the parent, love, guide, and teach your teen, you have me in your back pocket for those times when your teen resists letting you reach them.

You don't know how many emails I've received from parents saying, "My teen came up to me and said, 'Joey said [THIS] and it made so much sense!' and I'm like, I said that to you yesterday!"

Don't take it personally. One of my greatest features is that I'm not you.

I am a tool. But not just any tool. I'm your tool.

(okay, maybe I should use a different word...)

Here's a Clip from the Challenge

Your teen is amazing!

And they can see just how amazing they are when they put down the distractions and




Get Access to the Challenge Now

  • What age range is the Live Your Own Life Challenge for?
    This webinar is for teens ages 12-16. A really mature and motivated 11 year old can usually make the cut.
  • Is the challenge for parent and teen?
    Yes. You are the most important coach in your teen's life. I'm just your assistant. The challenge is designed for both parent and teen to watch together. You can watch it ahead of time to see if you like it and then get your teen on board and watch it with them. If you are super busy and don't have the time, your teen watching it by themselves is better than nothing! But seriously, you are their most important coach. Make the time!
  • I really want my teen to do this, how can I best pitch this to them so they'll try it out?
    It's all about getting them to sit down and watch the challenge. Just tell your teen that there is a motivational video for teens you'd like to watch together with them. It's hosted by a comedian and former Disneyland actor. It's less than 15 minutes long and they'll have an opportunity to get a $25 Amazon Gift Card out of it. Hopefully the challenge hooks them and they are willing to try out more mental resilience training in Sidekick to Hero!
  • Do I have to sign up for Sidekick to Hero to get the $25 Amazon Gift Card?
    Yes. The gift card works as a cash back deal. If you sign up your teen for an annual subscription to the program within 7 days of signing up for the challenge and decide to stay after the 14 day free trial, your card will be charged. Then, I will send you a form to fill out to get the digital Amazon Gift Card for $25. If your teen kept their end of the deal and created their avatar in the first 24 hours, then you must pass that gift card along to them. If they didn't do their part in time, but they still want to stay in the program, then don't cancel and you can just keep the gift card for yourself!
  • How much is a subscription to Sidekick to Hero?
    Right now you can get an annual subscription to Sidekick to Hero for only $180 (25% Off). In order to be eligible for the gift card, you need to sign up for the annual subscription. There is also a monthly option for $20 a month, but you will not qualify for the $25 gift card.
  • What if my teen just isn't interested in the challenge?
    It's better to skip the challenge for now. A reluctant teen begrudgingly watching something they don't want to watch is a hard frown to turn upside down. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying you'll have a better chance if you wait for the right moment. This Live Your Own Life Challenge will be available for awhile. If it's gone when your teen is ready, you can email me at to find out what else I have going on.
  • What if I signed up my teen, they really tried it and didn't like it? Can we cancel and still get the $25 gift card?
    You know what, I'm feeling in a good mood, sure. I believe in what I created so much, that I am willing to still pay your teen even if they decide to cancel before the 14-day free trial is over. As long as they completed all the challenges and really gave it the old "college try," and you get to be the judge of that. If you sign your teen up for the annual subscription, and they create their avatar AND watch at least one thing in the app within 24 hours, and then decide that they don't want to stay, here's what you do: cancel your subscription and send me an email telling me you think your teen deserves the gift card. I will then send you a form to fill out testifying that your teen really tried it out, ask you to prove that you are a real person (so I don't get hit by scammers), then I'll send you the $25 Amazon Gift Card. I firmly believe that not too many teens will fall into this category. A teen who really tries out Sidekick to Hero is generally a teen who is ready and willing to receive the high-performance mental resilience training that Sidekick to Hero provides.
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