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Use code DAELENE30 to get 30% Off any subscription for your teen to Sidekick to Hero

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Help your teen have more laughter and connection with other teens and less time feeling awkward and different.

Sidekick to Hero is a new program for teens 12-16 that looks and feels like a video game but teaches mental resilience.

It's full of short training videos that teens love because they use humor, memes, and music to clearly explain the science behind powerful mindset skills.

Guaranteed immediate increase in confidence if your teen uses S2H for just 5 minutes a day.

Remember how long it took you to figure out confidence? (If you even have, yet??)

You can hope your teen figures it out eventually OR you can give them everything you wish you knew as a teen NOW.

Hear it straight from the teens...

How else can you get your teen to learn mental resilience?

Sure, you could hound your teen to read self-development books. Then when they're done, they can file their taxes. Come on!

The best way to reach teens ages 12-16 is with short, high-energy, YouTube-style videos.


S2H videos/trainings are cliff notes of all the BEST self-development books and gurus, plus gems of my own I’ve learned working with teens for over a decade. 

Get access to loads of courses and a positive community.

All for just $14 a month or $140 a year with code DAELENE30.

Offer expires November 27th, 2023.

It's time your teen stops feeling like a sidekick in their own life and become the person they were meant to be... the hero.

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