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Teen Coach, Podcaster, & Speaker

Taking teens from sidekick to hero in their confidence, social skills, and life goals

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"One of the most amazing teen coaches that I know is Joey Mascio... I love the work he is doing in the world."

Jody Moore

As Featured On

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Gamified Mindset Training for Teens

I've teamed up with professional game developers to build an app from the ground up to help teens learn powerful mental resilience skills in a format they know and love, a role-playing game. But in Sidekick to Hero, they are the main character and the game is played in real life.


I want to speak at your event!

Not to brag, but I'm really good at speaking to teens (okay, that's a total brag).

I share a powerful message of going from sidekick to hero that helps teens take more control of their life.

I waive my speaking fee for religious or non-profit events. This includes weekly church activities, youth conferences, firesides, bar mitzfahs–anything!

If it's in Utah, I'll drive there. If it's out of state, you cover the cost of getting me there and I'll cover the powerful, inspirational presentation on mental health that will inspire your youth.

I also have speaking packages for schools!

Email and let me know the place and time to see if it fits in my schedule.

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"Joey Mascio was our guest speaker for 200 young women and their leaders at a week-long camp. Not only was he funny, entertaining, and captivating, he was able to help our girls understand the idea of “being your own super hero” and somehow presented it in a way that most participants felt like the message was made specifically for them. For days after, I kept hearing from girls and leaders alike how much they loved that event and constantly applied the concept into their lives the rest of the week."

- Kimberly Yost

Girls Camp Director

Listen to my Podcast!

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Fun. Short. Powerful.

Ever seen someone else who has it all together and think, "do they know secrets that I don't??" Yes. Yes they do. This podcast is about those secrets.

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